Subscription to organic fruit and vegetable baskets for the year 2020

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Subscription to organic fruit and vegetable baskets from Aliments Bio-Ly inc. for the year 2020

Terms and conditions.

1.0 The customer undertakes to make payments on the dates agreed with the representative. No delay in payment will be tolerated, otherwise delivery will be suspended immediately until payments are updated.
2.0 The customer agrees to send us their holiday requests at least a/one week in advance. Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge at least one lost basket for the unnecessary purchase of fruit/vegetables.
2.1 The customer agrees to comply with the prescribed deadline of 3 days before delivery for late and exceptional cancellations.
3.0 Customers who choose checks as a method of payment are fully responsible for their bank charges, any lack of funds and their account whatever the reason.
4.0 The customer must buy for $ 12.00 his first four reusable and BIODEGRADABLE bags at the time of registration, payable only once.
4.1 Customer also agrees to return his properly folded and clean recyclable bags to the drop-off location each week. Thus avoiding the unnecessary purchase and manufacture of countless bags. Otherwise, the customer agrees to have to buy new bags to continue delivery.
5.0 Bio-ly Foods inc. undertakes to comply with the applicable standards for organic certification for the marketing of the products offered.
5.1 The baskets offered will contain ONLY ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGETABLES produced in Quebec, but also occasionally vegetables from international organic producers for a wide variety of products. Bio-ly Foods Inc. is committed, as far as possible, to maximizing the diversity of vegetables in the baskets, while respecting the field production season and the vagaries of nature that benefit certain vegetables and harm others.
5.2 We will deliver your baskets at approximately the same time always the same day to the place agreed with you.
5.3 In addition, we agree to fill the vegetable baskets for a reasonable value of $ 39, $ 49 or $ 59, depending on the format chosen by the client, and at a reasonable price from the organic market.
6.0 Once the basket has been placed in the agreed location, we cannot be held responsible for the theft, freezing or premature ripening of our fruits/vegetables caused by the weather in our beautiful province シ. The customer will ensure that the vegetables can be placed in a discreet place and in the shelter, by giving us access to a cooler for example with icepack, to keep the freshness of our products until your arrival.
7.0 In the event that we are unable to deliver the baskets and we have to end a subscription, we undertake to refund the sums corresponding to the baskets that haven’t been delivered.

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Bio-ly Aliments inc. is a family business that as been distributing organic fruits and vegetables for several generations. From brother to brother, from aunt to niece, we’ve been working in Organic food for over 20 years.