Our mission!

Our mission!

Our primary mission is to deliver quality organic products to you 12 months a year. In order to create a personalized service for each of our customers, we will be happy to replace certain products in the case of allergy or simply taste.


We would like to offer you a flexible service that allows you to change the size of your basket if necessary or even stop delivery when you go on vacation.


In addition, we wholeheartedly aspire to become a ZERO WASTE company, starting by delivering you in biodegradable and recyclable bags, while trying to limit the purchase in plastic packaging.
We wish to create a partnership with our customers and keep them for life!

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Bio-ly Aliments inc. is a family business that as been distributing organic fruits and vegetables for several generations. From brother to brother, from aunt to niece, we’ve been working in Organic food for over
20 years.